Fall in Love With Fall Fashion Trends 2018!

Fall in Love With Fall Fashion Trends 2018!

No spring nor summer beauty hath such grace, as I have seen in one autumnal face.

– John Donne

Fall is undoubtedly the best of all four seasons. It is the charm and sheer beauty of the season that has inspired poets as well as jewelry designers since time immemorial. Be it delicate neckpieces or chunky earrings, the imprints of fall can be easily traced in the fashion world.

If we talk about 2018 fall jewelry trends, it is more focused on gold and silver metals. From extreme proportions to 80s inspired pieces, be ready for bigger, better and more glamorous jewelry pieces. So, let us see girls what fall fashion jewelry 2018 has in store for us. Excited? Read on!


Chainlink necklace

Be it on-trend chokers or sterling silver necklace, chainlink trend is dominating the fall fashion for this year. With the change in the seasons, this trend has become super bold, and necklace with thick, oversized chainlink has made a great comeback. Pair this chick French Kande – Lourdes chain with Abeille medallion necklace with an off-shoulder dress or a ruffled blouse to balance everything perfectly.


Statement earrings

An eye-catching earring is all you need to catch everyone’s attention at a cocktail party. Isn’t it? Giant earrings have again made a comeback and top designers including French Kande, Virgin Saints and Angels, and Marcia Moran. Put on this French Kande pointu pendant earrings which have made of sterling silver and is brass plated. Sleek, and metal finished, this dainty pieces is one of the must-have for your wardrobe.



Chunky and ornate cuffs are one of the favorites among fashionistas and are being loved for many good reasons. Sculptural work of art and heavy wearable art figures are dominating the cuffs designs which mean you have something considerable to show off. Cuffs have a large surface area which gives designers ample opportunity to play with beautiful intricate designs. Virgin Saints and Angels has carved a perfect Moorish cuff in silver. Handcrafted, this cuff features elaborate embroidery and traditional Spanish medallions, a perfect piece to flaunt your style this autumn.


Glittering jewelry

Glittering jewelry pieces perfectly goes with the changing color of autumn. Dazzling and vibrant, they look luxurious and ornate. Nobody can stay unimpressed by their unapologetic glamour. Stones and precious gems are rocking fall 2018 jewelry trends. If you love luxe pieces, embrace this fashion piece this autumn. Adore your delicate finger with this Marcia Moran Aleah Ring – Gold. Made with 18kt gold and embellished with semi-precious stone, this ring will make you look fabulous. Complement this jewelry piece with a spectacular dress, and you are ready to show off.

Fall represents the beautiful cycle of regrowth, and so it is time to enfold new jewelry trends. There are many reasons to fall in love with this season and fall fashion trends is one of them.