Chili Rose Blue Pueblos Beaded Bracelet


Chili Rose by Adohnnah Langer 

Adonnah Langer hand looms Czech and Japanese seed beads with Czech fire-polished and brass beads woven into spectacular intricate patterns
-Bracelet measures as shown 6 3/4 inch end to end with interlocking closure (Average size ladies wrist-but we can customize any size)
-Such a gorgeous combination of shades of blue and ivory cream-what a great accent to a pair of jeans!
-Chezch beads and Sterling Silver .925
-Gorgeous Crown Interlocking Closure with Gemstone Accent
-All handmade in Santa Fe

Please Note: Clasp as shown is 6 weeks

Other closures are available for a quicker turnaround

Each Bracelet is a limited edition and no two bracelet although may be similar will not be identical.