CRISLU Jewelry


A fun fact about CRISLU!

Harold Adamson worked in Hollywood, California, famously creating jingles for Desilu Productions, including the theme for "I Love Lucy." One day, Harold brought his stepson, Lloyd Crisfield, to the studios in hopes of inspiring him to work in the arts! Lloyd, strolling around the Hollywood studios, gazed in awe at the bustling movie sets. He watched the gorgeous stars as they arrived stylishly attired in their designer dresses, accented with glimmering diamonds and pearls. He thought to himself, "Every woman should feel this luxurious!" Understanding the power and emotion of jewelry, Lloyd was inspired in that very moment. In March of 1961, he walked into his stepfather's offices at Desilu and announced,"I am going to create a jewelry brand like no one has seen before!" Without hesitation, CRISLU was born. It was designed for you, your mom, your sister, and every other woman in the world who deserves to experience luxury and opulence. All at an affordable price. The first affordable luxury jewelry brand.